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Understanding Image Size and Resolution: you’ve got to do it !

Firework on the Tejo River in Lisbon
A fragment of that image above, now cropped and very enlarged

Understanding Image size and Resolution : If there were a contest of complicated subjects, I’d say this one would certainly rank among the very first .

Since beginning of the digital photography, many new words and abbreviations have populated our daily lives:

File size / Pixel dimensions / Monitor resolution /Printed image resolution / Mega pixel/ Mega bytes /Kilobytes / Dots per inch… And there are many more. You’ve certainly met them.

As I started building a website to sell my own photos, I realised that it was necessary to understand at least part of that technical jungle of terms. Because,among other reasons, I needed to insert the correct informations about the products in my shop page.

Most explanations in the Internet are confusing…

I believe that those among you who also need to know more about the technicalities of digital photography have done the same as I did : searched in the Internet and maybe also in books. Well,most of the articles are written by people who either don’t understand the subject or are unable to explain it clearly. In the end I’ve usually got more confused than before.

An article that really explains Image Size and Resolution

After much searching in the Internet, I’ve found an article that really helps understanding what is Image Size and Resolution. I wanted to share it with you.

It isn’t very long and it works !!!

Feel free to leave your comments. I’d really appreciate.

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