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Making money with photos

Hi everybody !

Here I tell my adventures in building a private Image Bank, i.e., a Microstock website with my own photos. The difference in my case is that I intend to offer my pictures directly to customers, whereas normal Microstock companies stock up and sell images from other people. I hope you will profit from my experience !

Feel free to leave your comments. It would be great to get to know other photographers who are also interested in this subject !

Of course I admit that sending our own digital files to a Microstock is very easy and trouble free. However, there are important points to consider. Nowadays those big image banks are behemoths , having sometimes hundreds of thousands and even millions of files on stock. So, the material that we upload to those Photo Stocks will have to compete with such a huge amount of other people photos that our chances get really small. And, if we happen to sell something, we’ll have to share a considerable amount of our earnings with them.

This blog will continue …

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