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Creating your own website can be fun!

A bright idea : Creating your own website

If you need an own website, the first bifurcation on your road will be : do you hire someone to develop it or do you consider creating it yourself? Please allow me to tell you a personal story.

Once I needed to have a website quickly

Some years ago I was a small clothing manufacturer and needed to have a website for my company. Having no idea on how to do it myself, I hired a website developer. Well, he surely built a site for me. But I really don’t know who made the biggest part of the work, if it was me or the developer.Because, besides having little freedom to choose the looks of my site, I had to provide all pictures of my products and the respective names,explanations, details, prices and so on in a short span of time. That didn’t work out well for me, for I needed time to mature ideas about the website. And, of course, the developer wanted to finish his work as soon as possible.

And then, when that website was ready…

Well, after some months I started using that website. Soon I discovered how difficult it was to make changes in it , like adding new types of products, alter specifications and so on. I had to contact the developer for almost everything and he used to charge for all extra work. The worst part was changing logos, colors of titles, headlines, backgrounds, explanations etc.

Consider creating your own website

Building a website by yourself can be very gratifying and cost-effective. It also means considering new ideas, changing colors, new images, new products, new functionalities, an so on. It allows you to use your imagination and your artistic skills. But all this can be achieved only if you have an intimate knowledge of how things work inside the website, and that knowledge you can achieve by creating it from zero.

Does it take very long?

You should know that building a site from scratch won’t take you a week, or a month. It can take several months or a little longer, depending on how much time you can dedicate to the task. But if you aren’t in a hurry, you can be rewarded with a very pleasurable hobby and source of income . And I can assure you that this is perfectly possible. At the beginning I had no clue of how to start a website. Now the website I’ve created is ready and running!

And if you really need a developer…

But, of course, if you really don’t have the time to make your website, hiring a developer can always be a solution.

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